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Personal Coaching

As a coach I am able to sense the underlying movements, which allows me to reach the solution to a situation directly. I am honest, direct and spacious. If you choose me as a coach, I will guide you in a few sessions along major issues and important choices. So that you are free to be who you are.

Company Coaching

By combining my coaching qualities and my background in process management, I can help your organization with being effective, setting clear goals and organizing an adequate structure and processes. My specialty is in management consultancy, streamlining processes and teams for optimal functioning.


Not only am I willing to support people, processes and organization, I may be able to cooperate with you. I love to join fresh initiatives that bring a different perspective in the world. If you have such an initiative, and if you are looking for a partner, let me know!

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Do you want to experience more flow in your life: everything is working smooth, feeling great and convinced to you can conquer the world?

Come and meet me! This is where I excel. Together we conquer everything that’s in your way towards creativity, joy and lust of life.

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It is official!

Coach Onno’s registration in the Business Register of The Chamber of Commerce (KvK) is a fact!

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